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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am happy that you had such a great experience. We have had some in the past, but Wednesday we went to the Dallas location. My husband was in need of a suit for a funeral and I called ahead,since it can be an hour drive with traffic, that time of day. I was assured by Sam that there were 2 (size 58) for $360 and 2 HSM (size 56) for $600. Well, we got there and neither was true. To add to that, he had made insulting comments on the phone about my husband's size and proclaimed that he must have a huge “beer gut.” We do not drink and I considered that comment highly inappropriate. My husband is overweight due to his love for good food. He is a former all state lineman and is currently 6'4″ and weighs @375. He has 58″ shoulders. Sam said that the suits he tried on didn't fit because of his shape…”he's shaped funny!” We have never had difficulty buying any type of clothing before. He has huge thighs from football playing for so many years. I told Sam that he had said those and other insulting comments that we took to be rude. He told me to “go to hell!” I told him that we would not be coming back. This was after he had told me that he had been in the business for 22 years. I am so sorry for the end of what had been our favorite place to shop for the big men in our family, but within the hour we had been warmly received and purchased a perfectly fitting suit at another store, which I guess will become our new “favorite!”

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