Monthly Archive: March 2003

NYC on the cheap 1

NYC on the cheap

Decide in which part of the city you want to stay. New York is generally divided up by areas: Downtown (near Wall Street and the financial district), Midtown South (generally south of Penn Station...

Keeping Tall people Tall 0

Keeping Tall people Tall

In his “Freedom-To-Tinker” blog, Edward W. Felten posted comments in response to statements made by Fritz Attaway of the MPAA to a House committee hearing. Felten's comments are good, and worth reading.

Blimp! 0


The Horror of Blimps. You just have to read it…it stands on its own better than I could describe it here. (By way of, by way of a post on Where Worlds Collide).

More power! 0

More power!

Hmm. This could be interesting…information about boosting the Linksys WAP11 to operate at a full 100 milliwatts. (By way of Cringely, by way of this post). Here's another interesting post about the Pringles' Cantenna,...

Hello? Hello?? 0

Hello? Hello??

Paul Harvey said in a recent newscast that the governor of North Dakota has a new red phone on his desk, to be used only for emergency notifications. In its first week, the phone...

XML, dotNet and Cryptography 0

XML, dotNet and Cryptography

I've been playing around with several new (to me) technologies lately, in an attempt to gain more control over my connection to OpenSRS. Right now, I'm using OpenSRS-SF (V1.60??) with some relatively benign customizations....