Monthly Archive: September 2003

More on the Verisign debacle 0

More on the Verisign debacle

Andrew Leonard makes some great points in this article, from [By way of Doc Searls' Weblog…by way of Random Bytes. Plus, check this for insightful comments from Elliot Noss, CEO of TUCOWS.]

Veriscum 0


Verisign is up to their games again, this time mucking around with the very fabric of the Internet. I realize this is old news, and I'm a bit delinquent with a post about it,...

First Impressions 4

First Impressions

One of the very first things that struck me when we pulled up to the dealer and I saw my car sitting out front was how good these cars look in person. Pictures simply...

Estimated Delivery Date has been set 0

Estimated Delivery Date has been set

The MINI Owner's Lounge updated today with an estimated delivery date of Sep 19 for my car…this Friday! Sounds about perfect, since I'm travelling the rest of this week and won't be back until...

F-150…Outtahere 0


The F-150 is officially history. The buyer flew in from Pascagoula, MS, handed me a certified check, signed some papers, and set out to drive back home…a 7 hour trip. (Nothing like a good...

Just who are we supporting here? 0

Just who are we supporting here?

I had wings for dinner last night at Taco Mac. The wings were great, but that's beside the point. When I got done, I grabbed the little moist towlette to clean up, and happened...

Smart Dingo 0

Smart Dingo

An Australian goes on a safari in Africa, taking his pet dingo along for company. One day, the dingo starts chasing butterflies and before long discovers that he is lost. Wandering about, he notices...