Monthly Archive: December 2003

Alternatives to .NET 0

Alternatives to .NET

The dotGNU project, as well as Ximian's Mono Project, appear to be interesting alternativates to Microsoft's .NET initiative. I'm quite taken with C# and VB.NET, but I also want to move more toward Open...

Bad Timing 0

Bad Timing

Donna's mom suffered a stroke on Monday. It's been quite a roller coaster ride this week. From all indications, this wasn't a trivial stroke (or a TIA), as she has some paralysis on her...

Real?  Identify Theft? 20

Real? Identify Theft?

It's quite a dilemma for the recipient…if you're savvy enough that your suspicion meter fires, then you're not likely to respond to the email, even if there are lots of cues that suggest that...

Linux Distros 0

Linux Distros has an excellent rundown of the major Linux distributions; if you're trying to decide which to use (I still am — for the desktop — and probably will be for years to come),...

Great Reference Site 0

Great Reference Site

The Jargon Dictionary This impressive collection of hacker slang provides entertaining look into the hacker culture. If you're a part of that culture, this will be like a sentimental journey down Memory Lane. If...

Dinner Recommendation 0

Dinner Recommendation

Dinner tonight was the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. on Times Square in New York. There are 12 of these around the country (plus 2 in Japan); the one on Times Square is the newest,...

Water Menu 0

Water Menu

Bottled water adds only good things to your health and fine dining experience. Ordering a bottle of water is a secure, responsible method for preserving the earth's water supply. In fact a global forum...

Book Ideas 0

Book Ideas

A Short History of Nearly Everything Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable A Million Little Pieces Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

Wheee! 0


Passport G-Timer (Either one would be cool, but of course the GT2 appeals most to me, since it can even download data to a PC). A high-performance car. A high-performance driver. Until now, to...