Real? Identify Theft?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, thanks for that post. I just received my 2nd email from the same address offering 1.9% balance transfer. It sounds too good to be true so I haven't tried it since sounds shady to me and I have not had enough time to make it through to customer service at Capital One's phone service to let me know if it is true or not.
    Thanks again,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Handling abuse complaints for XMission Internet is part of my job, which has honed my already critical thinking skills.
    Having received one of those letters myself, I did all the similiar digging and suspected it was legit – but didn't answer the damn thing all the same; it was poorly executed and frankly has me using my other credit cards now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just got the same letter and thought the same thing. Since it did have some personal informaiton of mine, I called Capital One immediately to inquire about hacking. They told me that I should not reply and that it was not authorized by Capital One. (At this moment I'm thinking the people I spoke to are wrong.)
    But here's what gets me… my preferences at the Capital One website state that I do not give them permission to share my information with 3rd parties nor to send me emails other than to tell me my bill is ready. They are in complete violation of their own Privacy Policy. Can anything be done when a credit card company shares your personal information after being explicitly denied permission to do so?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Since CaptialOne retained the third party firm to do marketing on their behalf, it's probably technically legitimate for them to share your contact info. Generally speaking, corporate privacy policies are crafted to allow the company to share info with their vendors who have been retained by the company to provide a service (as opposed to simply selling your contact info to a third party for an unrelated use).
    But still…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I received my monthly statement email notification, which told me to visit a bfi0 site also, so I searched google and found this. I'm still not visiting it, because seems to be completely down, but the link it gave me redirects to some link that works… a bit suspicious if you ask me. Why on earth would I just now start getting emails from and never before?? Thanks for the info, but I will not be putting my login/password into any web forms until is back up!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Recieved the same piece of **** in june 2005. but this time from another company : GM
    I was subscribed to their newsletter and i have recieved normally once a month. butthis one is kinda weird to me:
    Received: from [] by
    (SMTPD32-7.15) id ACFA1903FE; Tue, 28 Jun 2005 17:38:18 +0100
    Reply-To: Your GM Team
    Message-ID: < ********************************>
    X-BFI: W5T********************************
    Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 12:30:41 EDT
    From: Your GM Team

    Subject: There's still time to get the GM Employee Discount for Everyone
    To: *****************
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
    X-RCPT-TO: ***********************
    Status: R
    X-UIDL: 3***********
    but i think this is truly a spoof, cuz i checked GM links at the bottom of email for privacy and subscription stuff, and i found that all of the clickable links are in .GIF formats and not texts and they all redirect to the very same link that the whole picture being shown in email will do. so everything in this mail which will open a link will guide me to the very same website. it is not from GM i think. cuz i recieved this email , the very same one, in my other email account on yahoo which is not related to any subscription from GM.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello Friends,
    This is still playing its games. I got this message…
    To ensure receipt of our e-mails, please add to your Contacts or Address Book. Thank you!
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    If you no longer wish to receive our e-mail advertisements, simply unsubscribe.
    For corporate contact information please visit our Contact Us page.
    Please do not reply to this e-mail as we are not able to respond to messages sent to this address. You can find answers to your questions through our online Help department.
    To contact the sender of this e-mail, write to Target Guest Relations, Target Corporation, Mail Stop 1A-X, P.O. Box 9350, Minneapolis, MN 55440-9350.
    If you have a website account and wish to update your e-mail address, please enter your changes under “Personal Information” in My Account.
    This is not only one..we cannotstop them ..just be careful with suchtype ofmails..

  8. Anonymous says:

    I just got the same email from Target, and was going to “unsubscribe”, but the hair standing up on the back of my neck suggested I should double-check. I don't do online business with Target. But I thought maybe someone had bought a customer list….. (either way, it was an unwanted email). So, I just put the address in my “blocked” list.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Got one myself.
    From General Motors.
    Have no idea where they got my email address, never done online business with them or affiliates.
    But it sure raised a flag. If that did not look like phishing, I dont't know what does.
    And I am not going to unsubscribe, “see” rule about spam mail. Maybe report them to the FCC?
    Tried reporting to SpamCop, they would not take it, guess it's an “official” legit spammer?
    Here's the body of the email (actually was all a big bitmap with “hidden” links)
    General Motors: Keeping you up to speed.
    Dear Xxxx Xxxxx,
    Because you're a valued GM owner, we're committed to keeping you
    in the know.
    Soon you will be receiving e-mail updates about your vehicle,
    and other valuable GM products and services, special offers, and
    more. So stay tuned — your GM ownership experience is about to
    shift into high gear.
    General Motors
    You are receiving this e-mail advertisement as a valued GM
    If you prefer not to receive any unsolicited marketing e-mails
    regarding GM vehicles, please click here:
    General Motors Corporation
    100 Renaissance Center
    Detroit, MI 48265
    View GM's Privacy Statement by visiting:
    View GM's Copyright and Trademark Information by visiting:
    anonymous in Los Angeles

  10. Anonymous says:

    They are a legit company. Their info can be found at It did take me a bit to track them down since they don't have any info at
    I think it would make sense for a company that does marketing for these organizations to at least have a web page at the E-mail address host to ease any questions about fishing. The main companies website it

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to your post here, I see that I'm not the only one to get a phishing email. Date 04/20/2008 …says from
    from sender….extension is It was all so legit looking I didn't notice the extension…I clicked on unsubscribe but got concerned and didn't enter info.
    Hope this helps someone else.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Got one today – from the same Bigfoot… with the links going to their, see
    Dear MoneyGram Customer,
    We want to thank you for selecting eMoney Transfer to send money to family and friends and to make important bill payments.
    Annually, we provide our customers with the steps they should follow when they believe an error has occurred with either their eMoney Transfer receipt or with the historical record of a transaction. To read this policy in its entirety, click here
    MoneyGram eMoney Transfer Privacy Notice 2008
    Our Privacy Commitment
    MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc. (“MoneyGram”) is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. We value your trust and want you to understand how we protect, collect, use and disclose the personal information you share with us. To read MoneyGram’s privacy notice in its entirety, click here
    MoneyGram Brand Centre
    ABOUT THIS MESSAGE This message was delivered to you as an advertisement from Moneygram Payment Systems, Inc. If you wish to unsubscribe from e-mail promotional messages from MoneyGram, please click here. Please allow up to ten business days for us to process your request.
    Moneygram Payment Systems, Inc., 1550 Utica Avenue South, St. Louis Park, MN 55416.
    Alex Red

  13. Anonymous says:

    add to the list

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is legit email from Target according to Target's website:

    How do I ensure I continue to receive Target e-mails in my personal inbox?
    To make sure you continue to receive Target e-mails in your personal in box (not bulk or junk folders), please take a moment to add [] to your e-mail address book.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Man, I have been habitually ignoring/marking as spam (what I thought of as) the spookily legit-looking e-mails from, but then I googled “” and a legitimate help page came up that told me the same thing, that is their e-mail… but why the heck don't they use! Pretty much every other business whose e-mails I subscribe to has the address that corresponds with their business site. I love Target and this seriously pisses me off. This blog entry just re-confused me after I thought I had it sorted out because while messages are all just typical ads, the other e-mails apparently all ask for personal information.

  16. Even more anonymous says:

    The two reponses above there talking about that being a legitimate Target address are either lying and part of the phishing attack or they’re not very good at pointing to where that source is. I just looked for it all over the Target site and I can’t find a single reference to that bigfoot address anywhere. So I wouldn’t trust this.

    If Target wants to make you feel better about it after what’s gone down, do you really think they’d use a third party, shady looking address like that?

  17. Eric Longman says:

    Note that this was originally posted nearly TEN YEARS ago. Target absolutely was using a third party to send out marketing emails, and the quote from their website was real (even five years ago). I don’t know if they’re still doing it, but it’s become pretty common to send marketing mail through a third party (think Constant Contact), and in that case the sending domain doesn’t match the advertiser’s. If anything, it was a novel way to do marketing back in 2003 that has become much more commonplace today.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I believe that bif0 is a legitimate 3rd party; however, it definitely sends up red flags when I received an email telling my personal information was hacked:
    Dear Target Guest,

    As you may have heard or read, Target learned in mid-December that criminals forced their way into our systems and took guest information, including debit and credit card data. Late last week, as part of our ongoing investigation, we learned that additional information, including name, mailing address, phone number or email address, was also taken. I am writing to make you aware that your name, mailing address, phone number or email address may have been taken during the intrusion.

    I am truly sorry this incident occurred and sincerely regret any inconvenience it may cause you. Because we value you as a guest and your trust is important to us, Target is offering one year of free credit monitoring to all Target guests who shopped in U.S. stores, through Experian’s® ProtectMyID® product which includes identity theft insurance where available. To receive your unique activation code for this service, please go to and register before April 23, 2014. Activation codes must be redeemed by April 30, 2014.
    In addition, to guard against possible scams, always be cautious about sharing personal information, such as Social Security numbers, passwords, user IDs and financial account information. Here are some tips that will help protect you:

    Never share information with anyone over the phone, email or text, even if they claim to be someone you know or do business with. Instead, ask for a call-back number. Delete texts immediately from numbers or names you don’t recognize. Be wary of emails that ask for money or send you to suspicious websites. Don’t click links within emails you don’t recognize.

    Target’s email communication regarding this incident will never ask you to provide personal or sensitive information.
    Thank you for your patience and loyalty to Target. You can find additional information and FAQs about this incident at our website. If you have further questions, you may call us at 866-852-8680.
    Gregg Steinhafel
    Chairman, President and CEO
    Here is a link to the location on the Target website that states that is legit:

  19. Daniel says:

    On Target’s website’s FAQ, there is a reference to the address that they use for marketing. The link takes you to a website to signup with your name and email address. Read the excerpt below (and go check it out at the source) to verify the validity:

    q: how do I prevent Target emails from going to my bulk or junk folder?
    A: To make sure you continue to receive Target emails in your personal inbox (not bulk or junk folders), please take a moment to add [] to your email address book.

  20. Areyo says:

    You’d be surprised how readily people will click through links like “”. A lot of the time, they don’t even check what site they’re on. People like that are why these scams still exist to this day.

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