Daily Archive: March 25, 2004

Free Shrimp for EVERYBODY! 0

Free Shrimp for EVERYBODY!

Long John Silver's is giving everyone in America free Giant Shrimp to celebrate NASA's discovery of “a body of gently flowing saltwater” on Mars. Line up at 2:00pm on Monday, May 10 to get...

TypeKey: Passport for Weblogs? 1

TypeKey: Passport for Weblogs?

After reading Ross' comments on Phil's comments about TypeKey, I was a little dizzy so I decided to take a look at TypeKey directly. After two minutes with the FAQ and homepage it seems...

Faster than a speeding bullet! 0

Faster than a speeding bullet!

Get a piece of history!  DoveBid is auctioning off 150,000 bits and pieces of the Concorde including nosecones, cockpit instrumentation, on-board computers, seats, galley equipment and more.  But, really, you haven't bought a memento...