Monthly Archive: April 2004

Who knew?! 1

Who knew?!

You are a GRAMMAR GOD! If your mission in life is not already topreserve the English tongue, it should be.Congratulations and thank you! How grammatically sound are you?brought to you by Quizilla

Blogware RSS Link Kludge 0

Blogware RSS Link Kludge

You may have noticed that the RSS feed on a Blogware blog is not automatically detected by NewzCrawler (I know I did).  Turns out that this is due to a trivial error in the...

Eureka! 0


Why RSS Autodiscovery in NewzCrawler doesn't work with Blogware blogs (like mine): The RSS Link in the rendered HTML is formatted slightly incorrectly, which causes NewzCrawler to overlook it!  This is something I do...

Flower Power vs. Land Mines 0

Flower Power vs. Land Mines

Amazing!  A Danish biotech company called Aresa has genetically engineered a harmless plant called Thale Cress that, within 3-6 weeks of being sown, turns a warning red color if it's close to an unexploded land mine. ...

BlogJet Rocks! 0

BlogJet Rocks!

Just loaded BlogJet V1.0.0.17 Beta, and it ROCKS!  Highly recommended, and works flawlessly (now) with Blogware. [With thanks to Ross who turned me on to this excellent blogging client]

GUIDs in ASP 0


Here's a useful tidbit of ASP code to get a GUID (Globally Unique ID)…with thanks to my buddy Elton: ' Some useful variables DIM TypeLib, UserGUID, guid ' Create the appropriate object ' Note...

Chris Rock’s Cell Phone: An Update 0

Chris Rock’s Cell Phone: An Update

I wrote in mid-March about a girl who had gotten Chris Rock's old cell phone number assigned to her, and linked to her story about it. Now I find that there's an update to...