Monthly Archive: September 2004

Google Mail…Monday Woes 0

Google Mail…Monday Woes

Aw geez.  Google Mail was slow the other day (but recovered nicely within a few hours).  Now it's just dead in the water for me.  Curiously, the main GMail page comes up, but it...

MINI Jump Game 0

MINI Jump Game

Throw your body through the air with reckless abandon and try to land in a MINI Convertible. It's the MINI Jump game at: LET'S MOTOR.

Happy Birthday ATL MINIS! 0

Happy Birthday ATL MINIS!

Atlanta MINIs had their second birthday party today at Global Imports.  There were lots of nice MINIs to look at, food, fun, and competition.  I was entered in the Fine Shine contest but didn't...

Save! 0


Christopher played a great game of soccer today.  His team – the Flash – played the Eagles at McEachern Methodist Church.  Above is one of his saves as goalie.  More pictures here.