Daily Archive: February 4, 2005

Appliance Repair Goodness 0

Appliance Repair Goodness

About a week ago, our dryer started squealing.  I mean really squealing.  Like a stuck pig.  The kind of squealing that makes my wife nuts.  Now, the dryer is 10 years old (give or...

Where in the world is Ken’s van? 0

Where in the world is Ken’s van?

Ken's van was supposedly finished last Friday.  We didn't get word until late in the afternoon, so we scheduled a pickup first thing Monday morning. We sent it back. Most of the superficial work...

zConnect In The News 0

zConnect In The News

zConnect today announced that the Lutheran Coalition for Habitat for Humanity will be participating in its AdvantageConnect program to raise funds to build homes in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity. Under the program, the...