Monthly Archive: June 2005

Microsoft Haters 0

Microsoft Haters

Why is it that any time you attend a Microsoft-hosted event, inevitably you will find in the crowd a couple of hugely obnoxious folks who can’t keep to themselves their petty little rants and...

Sweet Like Sugar 0

Sweet Like Sugar

A friend turned me on to SugarCRM yesterday.  What a fantastic app!  This is a “CRM” (or Customer Relationship Management) application that runs entirely on a web server.  There's a free version of Sugar...

Arrgh!  Scumbags! 0

Arrgh! Scumbags!

A couple of months ago, hacker scumbags broke in to one of our servers in order to post Warez (that is, illegal software) for download.  They used an unbelievable amount of bandwidth before we...

Journeys of Faith 0

Journeys of Faith

Attached is a document that has the readings from Sunday, June 12 and the text of the sermon I preached.  If you didn't make it, here's another opportunity to hear read what I had...

This Sunday…the big day 0

This Sunday…the big day

You’re cordially invited to Loving Shepherd Lutheran Church on Sunday, June 12.  The church elders will be conducting the worship service,  with a sermon preached by Eric Longman entitled “Journeys of Faith”.  Be there...

SQL Server Permissions – Fixing Orphaned Users 0

SQL Server Permissions – Fixing Orphaned Users

If you move a SQL Server database to another server, you frequently bump into problems with users and security.  The most common scenario is that you’ve created the user under Security, and the user...

Free Obedience Training (for Dogs) 0

Free Obedience Training (for Dogs)

A good reference for how to teach your dog basic commands:  DOG TRICKS, TIPS & INSIGHTS, free obedience training & natural care.