Monthly Archive: September 2005

Knoppix Saves The Day 0

Knoppix Saves The Day

If you administer even just one Linux server, then your toolbox is not complete without a Knoppix CD in it.  Not familiar with Knoppix?  It’s an entire Linux installation on a bootable CD-ROM, and...

Must-Have Tools for .NET Development 0

Must-Have Tools for .NET Development

Interesting article: .NET Tools: Ten Must-Have Tools Every Developer Should Download Now — MSDN Magazine, July 2004 For those who can’t be bothered to follow the link, here’s the list, all linked up and...

Lying in Repose 0

Lying in Repose

I heard on NPR today that Chief Justice William Rehnquist’s body is lying in repose at the Supreme Court, and I wondered what the difference was between “lying in repose” and “lying in state”.  Here it is, in...