Monthly Archive: April 2006

Avoiding /tmp directory exploits 0

Avoiding /tmp directory exploits

On a Linux webserver, it's a good idea to recrate the /tmp directory on its own partition with noexec and nosuid.  This will ensure that a malicious user can't stuff a rootkit into /tmp...

What’s With the Huge Emails? 0

What’s With the Huge Emails?

Over the past few months, the number of our clients who create real issues by sending ENORMOUS emails has been steadily increasing, and Outlook is apparently competely inept at dealing with the error message...

Buy My Kids Peanuts 0

Buy My Kids Peanuts

We went to the Birmingham Barons’ opening day yesterday at Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, just south of Birmingham, Al.  A silly joke in the stands led to these: Single Double Get your bids in now!