If it ain’t one thing, it’s another…the sequel

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  1. Anonymous says:

    OK Mr. McGyver, your RF choke AM / FM / CD Emily solution requires a bit more explaining. However it works, it beats the way I've had to solve this… use a long wire to attach to past breaks to isolate where the new break is.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The solution is detailed on this site, but basically the idea is that the control unit WON'T send a signal out on the line unless the circuit is completed. By connecting the leads at the control unit to either side of the RF Choke, and then connecting the choke leads to the control unit, you make the unit believe that the circuit has been completed AND you ensure that there's no problem with the signal crossing between the leads.
    Once you've done that, tune an AM radio (like the one on Emily's CD player) to 540AM and hold the radio close to the ground where the wires are…you'll hear a tone when you're close to the wire. At some point, the tone will disappear and then reappear after 5-10 feet. That's the area where your break is.
    The long wire solution seemed impossible to me, since even if I found a point where one half of the circuit worked and the other didn't (theoretically isolating the break), I couldn't be sure of what I had found, since there's no way for me to know which wire goes which way around the yard; the wires are twisted coming out of the house to cancel the signal there, so God only knows which one ultimately turns toward the front yard and which turns toward the back.

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