I’m Going Bald!

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3 Responses

  1. Debbie Kilgore says:

    I really respect you for this fun raising effort. To clarify facts, according to the AHA “Nearly twice as many children die from congenital heart disease in the US each year as die from all forms of childhood cancers combined.”

  2. Eric Longman says:

    Hi Debbie! Thanks.

    The statement “more children die of childhood cancer than any other disease” is drawn from the St. Baldrick’s website (http://www.stbaldricks.com), and is consistent with data from the American Cancer Society, which says “cancer is the chief cause of death by disease in children between ages 1 and 14” (See http://bit.ly/bsOL5k, page 10).

    I can’t reconcile the two statements…and regardless, any time a child dies it’s tragic and heartbreaking. Hopefully the money raised through this will help prevent some of those deaths.

  3. Debbie Kilgore says:

    It can be reconciled by the fact that the cancer society uses 1-14. Many of the children that die from congenital heart disease are under 1 year of age. I can get more specific statistics for you later. The statistics on congenital heart disease start at birth.


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