Dump Chrome for Firefox? Maybe so…

I have been an avid and delighted user of Google’s Chrome browser almost since the first day it was available.  It is wicked fast, unobtrusive, and rock solid.  Mostly.

But lately the love affair with Chrome has cooled substantially, mostly (and ironically) due to performance problems.

As Chrome has matured, more and more often I’ve encountered bizarre performance glitches.  Cases when the browser would simply hang up waiting for a page to load, or would act as if it was not connected to the Internet, when all sorts of troubleshooting proved otherwise.  The little bit of advice I can find online suggests that this maybe has something to do with the Microsoft TCP/IP stack; remedies generally involve tinkering with the Proxy settings in Chrome, which actually pull up a Microsoft control panel.  It’s consistent enough across all of my computers that I don’t believe it’s a configuration problem of my making.  I think there’s a bug in there somewhere.

Hot on the heels of all this discontent comes the beta version of Firefox 4.  I liked Firefox a lot early on, but then it became a big old bloated Elvis of a browser (you know, like 1970′s Elvis, not svelte and trim 1960′s Elvis).  I switched to Chrome when Firefox felt like it was hauling around too much baggage and had gotten slow and unweildy.  But Firefox 4 seems to address much of that.  The interface is slimmed down (much like Chrome), and the browser feels much faster than its predecessor.

So, is it time to dump Chrome?  Not quite yet, but I’m spending about equal time in Chrome and Firefox 4 Beta now, which is something I haven’t been able to say about any other recent browser versions (including, by the way, the beta of IE9, which I uninstalled within a week of installing it!)

Eric Longman posted at 2010-10-14 Category: Main Page

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  1. #1Harley @ 2013-10-9 22:39

    I’m using a thin-client with write protect SSD. Chrome tries to update daily which drives me nuts, having to unlock the drive and then re-lock it. Same as you, problems with locking and hanging, and another thing is Google’s prying and logging activities, and keeps trying to trick me into logging in to Chrome. I’ve about had enough. Also leaning towards dumping Win7, going to Linux, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for 25 years now.

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