My last Blockbuster Rental…ever

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3 Responses

  1. Becky says:

    bummer…. I hate it when companies are sneaky like that!
    So, speaking of Netflicks. My brother has a Wii and can do his Netflicks through that. Do you have a Wii? I’m curious about this- perhaps when I get a little more income I can investigate this method of movie borrowing. For now I stick with borrowing from the library for free! (except late fees, but I know what they are up front!)

  2. Eric Longman says:

    No, no Wii here, but I can (and have) stream to my laptop.

  3. Jeb says:

    We went to Redbox ($1 rentals) in 2009 and largely infrequently used BlockBuster. Then we went to NetFlix in late 2010, and there will be no more BlockBuster. I tried BB on-line system. It was such a hassle, I won’t even try that again. NetFlix just works. Plus we got a Wii for Christmas, and now we’re watching NetFlix on our large screen TV via Wii. But mostly we just sit on a couch or bed together and watch on an Apple laptop. It’s literally brought us closer!

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