Does anybody blog anymore?

I’m wondering if anybody blogs anymore…at least in the sense that we used to.  Back in the day, I used my blog to post commentary about events happening around me.  Most of my posts were short and relatively to-the-point.  They were observations, ruminations, complaints, celebrations, and commentaries.  Occasionally, I would take the time to write up something longer and more thoughtful, but that was the exception rather than the rule.

It occurs to me that (for me at least) almost all of these things happen on Facebook nowadays.  Rarely, I will write up something longer on my blog and, thanks to a little digital pixie dust, it finds its way – or at least a link to it does – onto the “real” media of Twitter and Facebook.

I suppose there are still people who actually blog, but I’m guessing that the vast majority of them are probably still tracked and found via social media like Facebook.  That’s likely the reason that Facebook is so “sticky” – like Google, it has become the hub of our online wheel, and everything we care to find exists down one of those spokes radiating from it.

Which, if you think about it, is probably unfortunate, since more than a few really interesting destinations may not actually lie on any of those arteries.  We miss the serendipitous discoveries that we used to have when we surfed the web the old-fashioned way (ha! five years ago).  Then you followed links from site to site, tracking things from friends, to acquaintances, to strangers and beyond.  You never knew where you’d wind up.  But nowadays, it seems that we don’t spend much time exploring the outer limits of those six degrees of separation…we hang out a lot closer to two degrees.  That’s too bad.

Eric Longman posted at 2012-3-17 Category: General

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  1. #1Jeb @ 2012-4-1 17:58

    My brother and I still do @ But I agree that Facebook took away a lot of the interaction our family used to have on our family blogs. I disagree that Facebook has become a hub for our online wheel, though. It seems to be a casual hallway where we pass one another with brief watercooler observations. The spokes that are shared are funny videos, funny pictures, and sometimes serious things political or otherwise. My vehicles for discovery “hubs” include: My Yahoo, Google News, Google Reader (which is how I spotted your post here), Drudge Report, Instagram, and then with my iPad: Zite, Flipboard USA Today, and StumbleUpon. Too many hubs now that I think about it.

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