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Homing Pigeons Faster than Broadband! 0

Homing Pigeons Faster than Broadband!

This is wonderful!  A company in South Africa is going to begin using homing pigeons to transfer data between its two offices, which are roughly 50 miles apart.  Currently they use broadband to transfer...

The Illogical Logical Thought of the Day 0

The Illogical Logical Thought of the Day

I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, “Where's the self-help section?” She said that if she told me, it would defeat the purpose.

Buy My Kids Peanuts 0

Buy My Kids Peanuts

We went to the Birmingham Barons’ opening day yesterday at Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, just south of Birmingham, Al.  A silly joke in the stands led to these: Single Double Get your bids in now! 

Current Terror Alert Level 0

Current Terror Alert Level

GeekAndProud has a link to display the current terror alert level on your website, with a twist (namely, Sesame Street characters).  Like this: Only one problem which Donna rightly pointed out:  Green should really...

Now let me get this straight… 0

Now let me get this straight…

President Clinton received a $12 million advance for his memoirs.His wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, received an $8 million advance for hers. So, that's $20 million for the memories of two people who, for eight...

The Ross Show 0

The Ross Show

Funny.  Ross is live on camera today, doing employee reviews and letting us all watch the process….sort of a slow-mo version of the Subservient Chicken website.  Subservient Cow, perhaps?  Don't bother; I don't think...