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Fantastic (Life Saving) Software 0

Fantastic (Life Saving) Software

Here are a couple of outstanding pieces of software that I’ve run across lately.  One is highly recommended because you need it.  The other is highly recommended if you need it. SyncBackSE from 2BrightSparks You...

Sweet Like Sugar 0

Sweet Like Sugar

A friend turned me on to SugarCRM yesterday.  What a fantastic app!  This is a “CRM” (or Customer Relationship Management) application that runs entirely on a web server.  There's a free version of Sugar...

ISO Recorder Power Toy 0

ISO Recorder Power Toy

ISO Recorder Power Toy: File this under “must-have free Windows XP extensions“.  ISO Recorder Power Toy is a UI component that allows to use CD-Recording capabilities of Windows XPr to record ISO images and...

Tucows to acquire Boardtown 0

Tucows to acquire Boardtown

Now, this is an interesting development. Boardtown is the maker of an ISP billing package called Platypus that's generally regarded as one of the better ones in the industry (along with Rodopi, Emerald and...

BlogJet Rocks! 0

BlogJet Rocks!

Just loaded BlogJet V1.0.0.17 Beta, and it ROCKS!  Highly recommended, and works flawlessly (now) with Blogware. [With thanks to Ross who turned me on to this excellent blogging client]



Blogware is so cool.  I'm telling you, this thing is awesome. Today I discovered — just mucking around — that you can essentially upload an entire website completely separate from the blog! If you've...

Testing BlogJet 0

Testing BlogJet

I've installed BlogJet and I'm trying it out.  I like it.  Very simple interface, but with a lot of power if available if you want it.  I like that you can compose a post...

Unison File Synchronizer 0

Unison File Synchronizer

I've gotta remember to blog these things when I come across them. I'd swear that I found this one on Ross' blog, but when I actually came to a point where I wanted to...

Viruses, Viruses, Everywhere! 2

Viruses, Viruses, Everywhere!

The mail servers at my ISP have been totally overwhelmed by SoBig.F. To give you an idea: We're a little tiny ISP with only a few hundred customers. We scan every inbound and outbound...

Cool! 0


Extreme nerd builds full size 737 flight sim in garage A fellow by the name of Matt Ford is building a full size cockpit flight simulator of a 737-300 in his garage. Looks amazing....