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I’m Going Bald! 3

I’m Going Bald!

You heard it right – I’m shaving my head in solidarity with children who have cancer and typically lose their hair during treatment, while raising critical funds for childhood cancer research! In the US,...

That’s My Boy 0

That’s My Boy

It’s Flag Football season, and the camera has been busy…no fair showing this to Christopher yet, though.  I’ve got a T-Shirt on its way emblazoned with the graphic shown below, and I plan to...

Nick Bakay’s Out-of-this-World Wing Recipe 0

Nick Bakay’s Out-of-this-World Wing Recipe

I don't want to lose this one, so I'm re-blogging.  The following originally appeared on Nick Bakay's Superbowl XL Blog at  Someday, please, take the time to make these wings.  They are without...

Soccer Dad! 0

Soccer Dad!

We signed Christopher up for soccer (beginning next Friday), and learned today that his team is the only one in the league without a coach.  Guess who’s going to be the head coach?  Yep,...

Sudoku 0


Emily is enamored of Sudoku puzzles lately, and has gotten me into them as well.  I bought a copy of some Sudoku software which has the neat capability of letting you plug in puzzles...

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all 0

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all

What are you thankful for?  Me?  Family.  Friends.  Faith.  (The three “f’s”)  The opportunity to go to “play” instead of having to go to “work”.  So many, many things.  We are truly blessed.  Have...

Journeys of Faith 0

Journeys of Faith

Attached is a document that has the readings from Sunday, June 12 and the text of the sermon I preached.  If you didn't make it, here's another opportunity to hear read what I had...

This Sunday…the big day 0

This Sunday…the big day

You’re cordially invited to Loving Shepherd Lutheran Church on Sunday, June 12.  The church elders will be conducting the worship service,  with a sermon preached by Eric Longman entitled “Journeys of Faith”.  Be there...

Free Obedience Training (for Dogs) 0

Free Obedience Training (for Dogs)

A good reference for how to teach your dog basic commands:  DOG TRICKS, TIPS & INSIGHTS, free obedience training & natural care.