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Christopher’s Early Birthday Present 0

Christopher’s Early Birthday Present

Christopher’s bike had a flat tire…totally worn out from skidding to a stop (standard bicycle stopping procedure for a seven-year-old).  So we ran it by the bike shop to get a new tire, and...

Save! 0


Christopher played a great game of soccer today.  His team – the Flash – played the Eagles at McEachern Methodist Church.  Above is one of his saves as goalie.  More pictures here.

Buy my father in law’s car! 0

Buy my father in law’s car!

My father in law is selling their 2002 Chrysler Sebring LXI Convertible on ebay.  Nice car.  Have a look. (Much mo' better with a smaller image.  I had grabbed one from the ad before...

Happy Mothers Day! 0

Happy Mothers Day!

Thanks to some interesting erosion problems, Donna decided she wanted a dry creek bed on the side of the yard.  Two days of backbreaking labor, 10 bales of pinestraw, untold bags of topsoil and...

Sweet Music 0

Sweet Music

The Concordia Seminary Chorus visited our church today, and sang some beautiful music. The full Chorus is made up of about 70 seminary students, faculty members and staff. This tour through the Southeast consisted...

Exorcist Baby? 0

Exorcist Baby?

If you've got a baby that suffers from Infant Reflux, check out my friend Karen's website — Karen's son had a severe case of Infant Reflux, and she started up her site to...

Good News! 0

Good News!

Good news on Donna's mom: She came home from the rehab facility on Friday! She's now getting around with a walker (and a little bit of help from her friends), and continues to improve...

Bad Timing 0

Bad Timing

Donna's mom suffered a stroke on Monday. It's been quite a roller coaster ride this week. From all indications, this wasn't a trivial stroke (or a TIA), as she has some paralysis on her...

Phone Camera 0

Phone Camera

Took this with my new camera attachment: Not too bad. It's a little tough to frame the picture, so it's strictly a “best effort” type of accessory…

Introducing the L-1 Helo 0

Introducing the L-1 Helo

Click for larger image Christopher Longman is proud to introduce his newest creation: The L-1 Helicopter. This radical design is the result of hours of intensive study, and represents the state of the art...